Camp Activities

Phalanx TrainingPhalanx Training

Demigods! Shield wall!  Battle ranks! Learn how the ancient Greeks went to battle.  When our foes attack, and they will, you’ll want to know how to engage the enemy ranks to save Camp Half-Blood.  The fun comes when you test your skills on your friend in the advancing phalanx across from you.


Once you get trained by our Adept of Apollo you’ll never want to be without your bow.  Sharpen your skills and compete in the archery competition.

Capture the FlagCapture-the-Flag

This camp favorite will test your mettle. The terrain is perfect and the competition fierce.  Will you be the one who comes up with the winning stratagem?

Creative TimeCreative Down-Time

Whether you’re relaxing your brain with one of our many torturous logic puzzles, creating ceramic amulets and protective talismans, or composing the latest Camp Half-Blood marching song with our Song Master, you’ll be certain to find your niche.

Lava WallLava Wall Training

Another demigod favorite. The dreaded Lava Wall!  It’ll take more than a little daring-do and asbestos underwear to get through this bit of training.  Those with mountain goat lineage will love this event.

ChariotChariot Games

Throwing a spear at a target from the back of a Pedicab Chariot, as it careens down a trail, isn’t as easy as you might think. Ask any demigod that’s tried it, they’ll tell you.  Get your spear throwing arm ready!


The Austin Branch is proud to announce that we offer Nico di Angelo’s favorite game of all time.  Mythomagic.  Choose a demigod to tackle the forces of evil set against you.  The right balance of powers and abilities along with a healthy dose of teamwork will win the day.


Like all fans of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson Series, we all have our own stories that are set in Percy’s world.  We encourage you to tell your stories, too.



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