2019 Camp Dates will be announced soon!


1. How does registration work? Registration date will be announced soon. Registration will be online.  There are links to the registration website that are now active – one is for new camper families and one is for veteran camp families.  The links will allow you to create a family/camper account and give you access to all the required forms to complete BEFORE we reopen.  Please take advantage of this now.  If you wait until we reopen you decrease your chance of getting a space in the session(s) you need for your family. The links can be found on the home page the Austin branch website.  This means that there will be no in person registration available on opening day.

Once you access the site you will be prompted to fill out some vital information required to purchase your camp spot.  It’s still first come, first served, so you’ll want to be able to supply accurate answers to these fields.  We’ll need to know things like:

-Camper name, birthdate and age at the time of camp

-What god/goddess cabin your camper was placed in (only for returning campers)

-Parent contact information (email and phone number)

-What session you want (have a backup just in case your session sells out)

-Medical information/history.  Does your camper have special needs? Do they take medicine(s).  What is your doctor’s contact information.

-People authorized to pick your child up (you can add to this later)

-Emergency contact information

-How many additional shirts and water bottles you’d like to buy.  Remember you get one shirt with camp.

Follow the prompts for payment to complete the transaction.  This next part is important for first time (with us) campers.  Before January 7th, 2018 be certain to fill out the Claiming Quiz form (for first time campers only).  You’ll need to completely fill this form out and get it back to us.

  • In an effort to help more demigods who haven’t had a chance to attend camp join us this summer you may only register your demigod for one session of Camp Half-Blood/Camp Jupiter.
  • You may only register one demigod, unless your demigod has siblings. This will be strictly enforced! This will eliminate one person registering multiple demigods. We had instances of 7-12 demigods being registered at once in previous years. This used to be fine, but now we can no longer allow it. Thanks for understanding. There is no way for you to register all of your siblings at once.  If you have multiple computers, use them!
  • Once a camp session or cabin within a session sells out we will start a waiting list for that session.

Our mailing address is: 603 North Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX  78703

Our camp email is: camp@bookpeople.com

Our fax number is: 512-482-8495.

3. Is Camp Half-Blood/Camp Jupiter an overnight camp? What is the age range?

All sessions of Camp Half-Blood/Camp Jupiter are day camps, for demigods ages 9-13, operating ten unique five-day sessions between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

*We have two older demigod sessions scheduled for summer 2018 (Session Three & Session Seven) for demigods ages 13-17 only!  During the Wednesday night of each of the older camper sessions we will hold a Demigod Prom. It’s a dance that runs from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

If your demigod is 13 years old they can attend ANY session.  Ah, to be 13…

4. Is Camp Half-Blood/Camp Jupiter a licensed day camp? What is your license number? What is your Federal I.D. # for Childcare Reimbursement?

Yes we are a licensed day camp with the State of Texas under BookPeople Literary Camps.

Our Camp ID No: 250076 Our Control No: 3595

For Dependent Day Care Expense Accounts, Flex accounts and Cafeteria Plans, this is our Federal I.D. # 742304567

4. What will the camp cost?

$550.00. This cost includes all snacks and drinks (NOT LUNCH). It also includes a camp tee-shirt, a simple safety sword and a book (We are a reading camp after all).

5. Is lunch included?

No, you must bring a lunch. The facilities are not able to accommodate lunches on the scale that would be required.

6. Are all your camp staff required to have background checks (criminal/sexual misconduct) and up-to-date CPR and First Aid training?

Yes, our camp staff are required to have a criminal/sexual misconduct background checks and current CPR and First Aid certifications. All results are kept on file out at the camp, during the summer.  We keep resumes, and references for all adults working the camps on file and on site.

6.1.  Do you use a third party or talent scouts to hire staff?

No.  The Camp Director interviews, and does background checks for ALL employees. We never use a third party to find staff members.

7. My child has food allergies. Can you accommodate that?

It depends on the type of food allergy. We don’t recommend children with severe peanut allergies, that lead to secondary contact allergies, attend camp without talking to us first. We’ll make every effort to accommodate your demigod.

8. Can we buy an extra camp t-shirt or two?

Yes, you can purchase additional shirts using the order form in the registration portal to avoid the nightly laundry problem.

9. My demigod is returning this year. Do they need to retake the God/Goddess parent test at the end of the registration packet?

No, if your child is returning to Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter they shouldn’t take the test again. The gods have already claimed them. This is also true for demigods switching from Camp Half-Blood to Camp Jupiter – you have already been claimed.

10. Will you have more than one Claiming Ceremony?

No, there is only one Claiming Ceremony for all sessions. There’s only one reason for this…cost. We need a huge venue for the ceremony, an extraordinary number of volunteers and ample time to create our stage design. The Claiming Ceremony is always held on the Saturday before the first session of the summer. The venue changes from time-to-time, but we start at 9 a.m. and typically go to 11:30 a.m. For those not able to attend, we will have all god/goddess cabin assignments, t-shirts, and potential prophecies from the Oracle ready for your child on their first day of camp.

11. My child and I are coming from out-of-state. Can you help us find a hotel close to the camp site?

Yes, as always, we’re happy to help you find a hotel close to Camp Half-Blood. We’ve had kids from New York, California, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, China, Japan, France, Israel, Brazil and England come to camp. Please Check the Maps page for reduced rates on hotels. For those with Auto Club memberships, you may find better deals through that organization.

12. Will you have a bus or van from BookPeople to McKinney Falls?

No, we won’t charter a service as it eats up about a third of our operating budget. Instead we will have the carpool list serve, like last year, up for you folks who need it. Stay tuned for more info on this.

13.  We may need to leave early on Friday, will that be a problem.

We know that family travel plans take precedence.  Having said that, Friday is THE DAY everything happens.  It happens all day and runs full-tilt right up to the end of the day.  On Fridays we have our cabin sword fighting championship, cabin archery championship, Mythomagic championship, and the legendary all camp Mega Quest.  We wrap up the entire week’s storyline on Fridays.  We have a huge dance party at the end with Holi Powder (color powder), music and loads of fun.  Your demigods will get in to your car, brightly colored and absolutely filthy (plan accordingly).  Your demigods want to say goodbye to one another, take their cabin photo, get their camp bead, get their camp book and sign one another’s camp shirts.  Plan for the exit to take a little longer than most days.  Short story long, if you can make it so their day can be complete, it will end up being a more fulfilling experience for your demigod.