2014 Registration Forms!

You may notice some changes to the registration packet.  It’s no longer a 13 page hot mess.  We’ve slimmed it down considerably.  The Greek & Roman god/goddess quiz is a separate download as it’s only for first timers.  Please make sure to read the required parent reading on the camp website. Registration opens Saturday, November 16th, 2013.


Below, you’ll find the link to the god/goddess quiz.  This is for first time campers only AND should be turned in with your registration paperwork.



12 thoughts on “2014 Registration Forms!

  1. do you provide any type of fee assistance or scholarship for low income families?
    i have a 12 yr old who as read all of the books of Percy Jackson series and is now reading hero of Olympus series and is a big fan! he found out about this camp through one of his teachers at school and asked me to look it up. i would really love for him to be part of this camp because i see how he loves reading and the imagination he has, this would be a wonderful experience one that he would never forget.
    i am a single parent of 2 kids, living of my paycheck and money is tight to even think i could provide an opportunity for him like this.
    hope to hear from you soon!

  2. I have read that your 13-17 year old session is currently full, but is it possible to maybe squeeze in two more girls? Both age 14?

  3. Can u please give me some info on ur dates for 2015 in austin. my daughter saw this and would love to go. and what is the cost. how fo i sign her up? Thanks so much

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